Relase of Box2DFlash 2.1a

Fri, 01/15/2010 - 00:55 — Boris

I'm releasing an alpha version of Box2D Flash 2.1. It's got a shiny new website, too. It has may features that were lacking before, but you'll have to discover most of them for yourself.

This move is prompted mainly by the announcement of Erin that Box2D 2.1 itself is going to be delayed for more features. Also, the wiki got wiped out, so documentation is at an all time low (frankly, I'm glad the wiki's gone. I sunk much work into it, but it was still a useless reference source).

Code is still alpha quality, which means a) bugs, b) no guarantees for changes in syntax. The big stuff is out of the way though. If you find a bug, or have a complaint, please post it to the forum as a new thread starting, or the sourceforge issue tracker. Do not post it as a comment here. A comment amongst other comments is too easily lost.Bear in mind that I will almost certainly ask for a testbed demonstrating the bug.

BTW, I'm going away for a couple of days for TIGJam:UK, so don't expect issues to be treated immediately.

Announcement on forums

Great website well done

Great website well done Drupal is a great CMS

exellent work dude! this

exellent work dude! this version also could be retranslated to javascript once more again, but tha japanese guy on it seems to be busy, :(


Whenever I try to run anything made with box2dflashas3 it comes up with errors, even the examples dont work!

Хотелось бы видеть внятный

Хотелось бы видеть внятный список изменений. И, конечно же, вики-мануал по версии 2.1


Thanks a lot

Спасибо огромное, Борис!

You are man :), Boris!



Nice indeed, i've implemented Box2D to some of my game engines and it works smoothly, however these last few months there seems to be so many B2D versions. Now i have one with 2.0.2 one with 2.1a and one with Alchemy port. Anyway still for release purposes i use 2.0.2 so keep up the great work :)

Just want to mention that the first benchmarks inside my applications show that the 2.1a version (Flash10) is slower than the 2.0.2 version especially when it comes to many dynamic bodies interacting at the same time. The other major bug that i discovered is that bullets aren't working correctly, i know its alpha and you are probably working on it i just wanted to mention that. Its simple to test with a small ball as bullet and 4 walls when i speed the ball quite a bit it will fly off the screen through the walls this test however has no problem performing in the old 2.0.2 version.



Awesome work Boris. Do you know if the snagging tile problem has been fixed? This is where the floor is made up of square tiles, and any shape sliding or rolling over the surface seems to snag on the tile edges even though they are touching.

Germain: the last/only update on appears to be June 2008. Someone apparently started a project and gave up on it in less than 2 blog posts.

Very nice Stuff !

Glad to see Buoyancy and Raycast stuff !

Do you know the owner of ?

I don't know which project i had to follow.

Thanks to you ! Have a good day !

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